Quite simply when someones bald
"awh look at the little kid. Hes bald"
"i see, he must have dallon syndrome
by chawmonster May 20, 2010
1 Word related to Dallon Syndrome
When someone plays video games religiously, has never ending munchies, loves music more than the average person (excluding pot-heads), always loses personal objects (phone,keys, wallet), uses gamer/nerd lingo, smokes hookah and hangs out with stoners but refuses to smoke weed.
Joe: What's up man? What did you do today?
Jack: Nothing much just hung out with my friend Bob. We chilled listened to music, played some xbox 360 and ate pizza.
Joe: Nice brah sounds like you guys got hella blazed!
Jack: Nah man Bob doesn't blaze, he's got Dallon Syndrome.
by bluntedtwentyfourseven April 20, 2010

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