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an awesome trustworthy person who will always be there for you .
she will give you advice whenever you need it, she can always make you feel better.
Like the flower Dahlia she is sweet and beautiful even though she may deny it.
Dalia is so amazing .
by laroooosh123 February 28, 2009
A girl who pleases others before herself. She is trustworthy. You can tell her anything. If you feel down, she will make you feel better. It's hard to find Dalias, they are very rare. She is very intellegent. Beautiful inside and out, but denies it. She has an amazing personality. She surrounds herself with people she cares for. Good friend when needed. Her family is VERY important to her. She is very passionate about everything she does. Never let her go.
Person 1: She's perfect.
Person 2: She's a Dalia.
by foreversuomynona January 20, 2012
an amazing trustworthy person who will ALWAYS be there for you no matter what, she's the go-to person for advice, when you need someone to pick up she's gonna be that person. she's such a great girl! she's beautiful, funny, smart, nice, outgoing. her best feature is her personality because shes bubbly and a has great sense of humor. she always sees her glass half-full and never half-empty. she will put a smile on your face without even trying! she see's life in a positive way. her smile hides all the pain she goes through, but shes a strong, independent, women! she knows what she wants and goes for it ! she never lets anyone stand in her way of being happy. shes those 1 in a million kind of girls that every guy would want, any guy would be lucky to have her because shes not like other girls! like the flower dahlia, she's sweet, unique, and gorgeous, she may deny it but she truly is something special.
dalia is super chill !

"shes pretty! who is she?"
"she looks like a dalia?"
by XOjaslowXO February 01, 2012
A female pimp; a badass woman that knows how to shake that ass!
we're gonna dalia it out tonight!
by xdollyx April 01, 2008
A 'dalia' can mean several things:

1) A thief. This person will steal money from you, even if it's meant for a good cause, like charity. This person will deceive you and steal your money for their personal desires. And, like any thief, lie about it even when the evidence is there.

2) An attention whore. A 'dalia' requires a lot of attention. This person will do anything to receive it from others. This person will frequently "suffer injuries" like, a horse stepping on their toe. No matter the circumstances, a 'dalia' is always the "victim", and their tears will always "prove it." As a result of their desire to be the center of attention, a 'dalia' will surround themselves with various members of the opposite sex, often flirting with the boyfriend/girlfriend of a friend or pursuing a relationship with them out of jealousy.

In other words, a 'dalia' is a backstabbing, deceitful creature. This term can be applied to both women AND men.
*friend takes your wallet*
You: "Dude, stop being such a 'dalia'."
Friend: "Oh, damn. Sorry bro."

"Look at that 'dalia' flirting with _____'s boyfriend/girlfriend."
by leahxoxo October 01, 2011
a slutty bitch ass hoe who always get cheated on she has no life but to hate on other girls she believes she's pretty an has a nice body but in reality has nothing. she gets annoying to all guys around and they just want her because she is easy
dalia HATES on all pretty girl
dalia tries to hard
dalia want to be something she is not
by gdaddy68 January 07, 2012
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