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Used to describe one interesting as hell dude.

A dake never fails, unless its failing at failing.

A dake is always calm and collected and never loses his temper.

A dake encompasses the word "awesome", and succeeds in any venture that he takes on, overcomes any challenge in his way.
Wow... did you see that guy? He would have been named dake, but his parents didnt want everyone to know how successful and dominating he was just by hearing it.
by ladyfalcon November 28, 2011
A fake date.

From the mind of Lily Christine Evans, in Commentarius by BCdaily (, unknowable room).
It was a dake. A fake date. We were not going on a dake!
by OMGCOMMENTARIUS October 06, 2011
your other side or you not acting yourself
thats because its dake
by staaph July 06, 2010
dake ... migraine headaches
man... i gotta splitting dake.
by squibb March 12, 2007
stankin'. if something smells from a mile away.
that bitch be dake!
by muchacho February 26, 2004
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