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A unique name for a one of a kind young woman. She is beautiful inside and out, but she doesn't know it. Everyone thinks her gorgeous and unattainable. She tends to be shy and quiet at times. She likes to listen and observe people. If you have the privilege to get to know her really well, you must be special. It may take time to really gain her trust and be her confidant, but gaining her friendship is a treasure that is worth the effort. By effort I don't mean she is a difficult person. I only mean that she has a lot inside of her to discover and I wish more people would take that interest in her. People sometimes ignore quiet people because it's the easy thing to do. But they're missing out big time. She is stronger than she knows and extremely sweet and kind. She would never intentionally hurt someone. And once she comes out of her shell, she is the most hilarious, fun person you will ever have the pleasure of knowing. You can be yourself around her. She doesn't judge others. Even if she doesn't understand something, she is sympathetic and is there for you. She truly is a treasure. With beautiful golden hair and deep eyes, you will never know another like her.
Daizmin is my best friend. She is so gorgeous and funny!!
by Echostrawberrylux September 21, 2013
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