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The lower-body ensemble created when a woman wears daisy dukes and does not realize that her tampon string is sticking out of the bottom.
Did you see Nancy sporting her Daisy Ducks today? Brutal...

period tampon daisy dukes menstruation aunt flo bitch fashion mini skirt skirt
by brother of jesus February 28, 2010
88 37
To be wearing a top, but naked from the waist down. (i.e. bottomless)
Derived from the cartoon character who is always dressed like that.
To illustrate the term she was wearing a Daisy Duck t-shirt and nothing else.
by Pinhoe October 20, 2008
18 4
a very attractive pregnant woman. She is attractive like daisy duke (dukes of hazard) but waddles like a duck (because she is pregnant)
"oh damn! look at that blond over there!"

"ya, man! she's hot! but shes pregnant!"

"toootal daisy duck, bro."
by laxgoalie49 February 16, 2012
3 7