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A dairian is a loving person. can be easy to get along with. she/he falls for guys hard but when she does she doesnt want to loose them. they are high tempered and gets mad easily. no one actually knows what is on a dairians mind but usually they have something dirty on their mind.
they are such a dairian:)
by not youuuuu fooow January 02, 2011
Dairian is a very loving sweet girl. she would kinda rather hang out with guys so she can find her true love.she loves being with other people instead of being by her self. this person is always on the phone. and on the computer. she is high matence though. but can be easily entertained. easily loved and fun to be around very pretyy and beautiful as they say
i love dairian
by Dairycakes August 11, 2010
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