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ADJ: Super-ultra fantastic. The state of being wonderful. See: wordAwesome
That shirt sure looks Dain on you.
by Joseph Gallager September 18, 2003
Absolutley, hands down, the nicest person you will ever meet, if you ate lucky enough to meet one. Once you have dated a Dain, no one else is just as perfect as him. Dain is caring and will always be understanding. Dain is the sort of person that you know will ALWAYS be there for you. Dains are especially amazing wih Annas. (May also favor Icebreakers and have a great sense of humor)
Anna: Im worried about something
Dain: Tell me and I'll help you out :)
by Bubblegummagic May 15, 2013
turk, from scrubs' personal oposite of disdain
dr.cox "we have a mutual disdain"
turk "no we dont, we have a mutual dain"
by charmingrenagade March 10, 2009
N. - very smart guy, sometimes acts likes he's not as smart as he actually is though. All around down to earth and always I control of his emotions. Usually falls for crazy girls. Very caring for those he counts as a close friend or family but it takes a long time to earn this trust, and very easy to lose it. Everyone should meet a Dain in their life.

ADJ. - someone who cheers you up with odd humor
N - person 1) I was so frustrated with all the class work I had to do last night, but Dain was able to calm me down and help me with most of it.

Person 2) really? He knows physics?

ADJ) I got into my first car accident last night! It was just a fender bender, but I was so freaked out! Then Dain showed me some pictures off of Facebook of other bad parallel Parkin jobs and I didn't feels so bad.
by Lemony Baudelaire February 20, 2013
Smart, downtowns, jesus
That steve is Dain
by drugs? July 14, 2003
Someone who commits a scandalous act, usually in the form of blowjobs, hookups, and occasionally sex.
Kelly hooked up with Rob. What a dain!
by TheDaVinciCode January 25, 2011
A GUY with a mahooosive ego...

usualy found dj-ing in gay clubs and eating out...

usualy dons a cap and own named branded clothing....
only word ever heard using is WOW!
by MENTAL MANDY October 16, 2009
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