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An incredibly sexy guy. Daign always has amazing hair and girls fall to his feet when they stare into his eyes.
He is sexy. His eyes describe his personality and he has the ability to put females in a trance.
Daign is great at making friends and often gets along with everyone. Daign is sweet, charming and cool all in one.
Men wish they were Daign and Women wish they were with Daign.

Daign knows a good joke when he hears one and always listens to what others have to say. He is always smiling and knows how to get into the best parties (by being himself). Often girls will melt at the sight of him and he works his hair do everyday.
Daign is Daign! No one can stop that sexy man.
Girl: Who's that
Best friend: That's my friend
Girl: Really?
Best friend: Yea, his name is Daign.
Girl: DaYUM he is HOT!!
Best friend: Really?
Girl: Definitely! Introduce me to him!
by sparklebabe May 17, 2013

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