Jerking off on oneself whilst in the presence of a lover. The fact that the lover is willing and/or able to participate is immaterial. A sure sign of narcissism.
"I went home with this chick, but she wasn't that hot so I had to Daigle her"
by BitterBrad November 02, 2005
Top Definition
1. (verb) To confuse.
2. (verb) To fake-out.
1. OMG, I got so daigled when my professor presented complex numbers.

2. Today my math teacher tried to daigle us so many times by repeating his explanations and writing down useless proofs.
by ArtsiesSwallow September 24, 2009
Daigre in French, means "of the eagle".
by Junius Ray Daigle August 13, 2003
To prevent a hook up; to cockblock.
She wants to hook up with an ugly guy, I'm gonna have to daigle her.
by GuntherTralala June 08, 2006
A classless bigot.
That guy was a total daigle, throwing racial slurs around on a public forum with out caring who he was offending.
by thekidzarealright March 30, 2009
An exetreamly gay person. Words cannot describe how gay this person they are called a "daigle". Can be used as and adjective or adverb.
Cool Chick: oh my god, i cannot believe how unbelievably gay that science test was

Cool Kid: i was Daigle gay
by howl's Luver July 12, 2008
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