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Spanish Name for a Young Latin Woman

Spelled with an Extra A for several Reasons ;

1 . to be pronounced ( da - ya - na ) both in Spanish and English

2 . to be Different and Unique from all the other names

3. The name "Daiana" comes from "Diana" only spelled differently to make it look better and sound sexier

4. Definition of name : " Divine "

5 . Greek Mythology of "Diana" ; she was noted for her beauty

6. Usually very beautiful and caring . Honest and Sweet


- Girls carrying this name are Amazing and Different from other girls .

- Best EVER :-D
Do you see her ? What's her name ? " daiana . "

by Yeoooooo123 March 29, 2010
This name is closely related to "Diana" except that it is spelled more uniquely. It is the spanish version of Diana, since in the spanish language it must be written with an extra A to be pronounced the same way.

"Woah, look at her! She is so unique, I bet her name is Daiana."
by craycraycrayola December 23, 2009

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