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1) Usually a playful reference to the king of those who have mastered the art of the mack
2) A reference to someone with sexual and flirtatious prowess
3) A smooth, jive-talking pimp daddy

Also a synonym for a Pimp Daddy, but not as bold.
Ex 1: "Man, dat fly booty is some of the flyest i ear' seen know'mean? Ohh, daaaaamn, shes wit Darell (a fly supa-jive cat). Dat niggas da straight DADDY MAC. Ta DAAAAMN."
Ex 2: "Man LeSean got some Daddy Mac Skills and I aint talkin bout McDonalds! Know'm mean??! fo sho."
Ex 3: "Man, Dikembe got dat bitch in check. Hes a straight Daddy Mac."
by B. Shamsi The Daddy Mac March 07, 2004
The guy from Kris Kross.
Man, that song "Little Boyz in Da Hood" must have killed about 50000 of my braincells.
by Rusty Tromb-own!1 August 09, 2005
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