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Noun; Someone who is obssesed and fanatical about their dad. They discuss thier dad on a daily basis, and compare him to everything. They constantly bring up a story about their dad, regardless if its on topic or not. In the "dadanaticals" eyes, his father can and will overcome any obsticle. Dadanaticals vary from age 3- 45....mostly in the 13 range. They strive to become their dad one day, and carry on the "legacy" of their father.
Jeremy: my dad once fought a cougar
Chris: Shut the fuck up
Jeremy: My dad once told a guy that, then kicked his ass.
Chris: your a fucking dadanatical

Ryan: Dude walker texas ranger is on!
Zak: Chuck norris is the shit.
Jeremy: My dad could kick his ass.
Chris: your a retard

Tyler: Yeah i almost got my paper done
Garrett: same here, i was up all night
Mitch: yeah i did my paper tonight too.
Jeremy: My dad used to be a trucker, but he was to tough.
Brad: shut up you dadanatical
by Peterbilt mc daddy kisses February 06, 2011
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