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n. sl. Derogatory term used for a Pteradactyl who thaws and becomes an urban predator

pl. -dackers

Quick Grab yer Dactyl Pole!... fuck these dackers lets get 'em!
by TomLovesDactyls November 04, 2010
A phrase that defines that moist sensation and feeling around the anus region, after passing wind, whilst quite hung-over.
Oh deary deary me, my arse feels quite Dackers
by Ted The Trotter July 18, 2015
1. n. one who loafs, loafer

2. n. someone without regard to others or surroundings; inconsiderate

the verb root of the word is dack, which means to loaf or act in a manner inapproprite with surroundings
Joe never gets any work done because he is a dacker.

by cyclehoward February 03, 2006
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