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A man who hates himself and is about to commit suicide.
"DaXecutioner sucks"
by DaX February 05, 2003
2 4
One who has plenty of WVU from scrybe80.
WVU DaX <3 Manseks?
by anonymous February 05, 2003
2 4
One who eats teh panis and wears a silly hat.
Hey, look at DaXecutioner, what a fagmo!
by Handeh February 05, 2003
1 4
A loverly loverly human being...
"Did you know god and DaXecutioner were brothers?"
by Bob Head of Cheese February 05, 2003
1 4
Man Of Many Drugs, but not many Beers.
Dood we needs a beer run but I spent my last munchy money on chips after I coughed up a lung
by TGKB February 05, 2003
1 5