Top Definition
One who has plenty of WVU from scrybe80.
WVU DaX <3 Manseks?
by Anonymous February 05, 2003
A man who hates himself and is about to commit suicide.
"DaXecutioner sucks"
by DaX February 05, 2003
One who eats teh panis and wears a silly hat.
Hey, look at DaXecutioner, what a fagmo!
by Handeh February 05, 2003
A loverly loverly human being...
"Did you know god and DaXecutioner were brothers?"
by Bob Head of Cheese February 05, 2003
Man Of Many Drugs, but not many Beers.
Dood we needs a beer run but I spent my last munchy money on chips after I coughed up a lung
by TGKB February 05, 2003
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