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An STD like "HIV" "the clap" "drippy dick" and other STD's you dont want to get.

Da Monkey is bad s#it so stay away from them guy/girls that have it!!
It burns when i pee i think i got DA MONKEY!!!!

Yo homie dont hit that joint that shawty has DA MONKEY!!!

Come on doc dont tell me i got DA MONKEY!!!
by Da Great C dot J dot June 12, 2008
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sexually transmitted disease, most closely associated with hoes in defferent area codes. Da Monkey can be HIV, the clap, etc. Deff. Something you dont want.

Also know as Da Monk
I Had To Wear 2 condoms and pull it through my boxer so i will not catch Da monkey

Oh It Burns When I Pee I Think I Got Da Monkey
by C dot J dot aka White Chocolate October 12, 2007

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