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1. An acronym for the website Damn You Auto Correct, which posts smartphone users' unintentionally amusing autocorrects.
2. An explanation offered when one's phone autocorrects inappropriately. Rarely used except between those who know of the site.
1. Go check out the new posts on DYAC!
2. "Sorry, that was supposed to say LMAO, not LMAOPromotionalKittenBasket! DYAC!"
by mandukhai_khatun December 14, 2011
40 14
A stupid acronym that stands for Damn You AutoCorrect! - hails from the site damnyouautocorrect.com

DYAC is a stupid acronym popularised by the unfunny fail site damnyouautocorrect.com which consists of screenshots of iPhone text messages where the Autocorrect feature has made an otherwise unfunny sentence funny. Nobody actually uses this acronym, and the only time you will see it is on the clearly faked images posted on the website.
● hey sorry i didn't reply to your text, i was down the park with my kids playing with some dicks

● aaaagh, i meant ducks! DYAC!

◆ ok sure, whatever
by iamthedog34 December 15, 2010
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