Driving While Woman - One of the most dangerous forms of automobile operation. Much more dangerous than DWI due to the compounded affect of cell phone distraction while DWW.
Woman: I was talking on my phone and looking for my lip gloss and before I knew it I drove through the fence of an elementary school!

Officer: You're under arrest for DWW.
by Vanderkeif July 06, 2009
Only the best band ever!
example 1: "Dude, I am so stoked! I got the tickets to see DWW next month!"

example 2: "Cam Hunter from DWW is soooo sexy!"

example 3: "I have been listening to DWW for 3 weeks straight now!"
by DWWFan101 December 05, 2011
Driving While White
The white trash kid was pulled over by the po-po for DWW.
by Matto22 June 10, 2009

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