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Damaged Warriors Reaching Each Chained Kid is a non-profit organization that exists to break the chains off those who feel hopeless and connect them with those who love to help.

Dwreck also is a nickname for Derrick. Usually toolbags who think they are in charge and can wreck whatevers in their way. Its a nickname that was inspired by techno and hip hop culture and is overused by punks.
DWRECK is doing some really awesome thing to change the community.

Dwreck is one crazy ass dude!
by Journalismboy August 14, 2010
Apparently an increasingly popular hip-hop culture inspired nickname for a man named Derek, created by pronouncing the first syllable with a long e instead of the schwa e. A play on words relating to the act of "wrecking" when mixing vinyl, also called a "trainwreck."
That DJ had the mix tight for a while but then all of the sudden he pulled a D-wreck.l
by bobdobsonsuruncle December 08, 2009
A complete and utter douche bag, one who suck at life, as well as sucks dick.
wow Derek you are being a huge d-wreck.
by robert bobalot June 14, 2009
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