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"Don't Worry, It's Really Boring". A useful conversation tool by which the user can immediately stop any particularly uninteresting banter in its tracks, without anyone getting too offended. Can also be used to warn a third party not to get involved in a conversation being held by others which is of no interest to anyone.
Example 1:

Dave: "Yeah, so, just trying to come to some kind of agreement on the exact colour and style of the dado rail"
Jim: "All a little bit dwirb though, isnt it dave?"

Example 2:

-James: "...and in fact those are some of the best tele-snap reconstructions of missing dr who episodes i've seen in quite some time"
-Chud: "Yeah?"
-Baj: "Hey, what you guys talking about?"
-Chud: "Oh, dwirb"
-Baj: "Fair go squire"
by Chud Brunner March 31, 2008
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