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Dick With Ears
My boss is a real D.W.E..
by jpg3 December 12, 2008
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DWE stands for didn't wipe enough. DWE occurs during the wiping phase of the poop process. Usually what occurs is a lack of a full wipe job, resulting in excess doody remaining in a persons butt crack. The consequences of this include: itchy butt crack, poop stains on your underwear and being able to smell your own ass crack when you sweat after an activity.
David- Hey you gonna try and get with that girl tonight?
Zach- Nah man, I got bad DWE, I don't wanna embarrass myself.
by dagarfy September 15, 2011
Dick With Ears. A term used by women to describe males who are jerks or tools.
"Bob is such a DWE.... he was at the bar last night making out with Brandi and he's still engaged to Desiree."
by 13.1 September 26, 2009

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