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DWAB refers to Dog With a Blog, a Disney show consisting of an uptite girl, dumb older brother, hilarious little sister (Chloe aka Maddie) and a talking dog, Stan. Definitely not as good as Hannah Montana, but still good.
Maci- OMG did you see the new DWAB episode?!?

Grace- I hate that show

Molly- Go away, Grace

Emma- *sings* "Why can't we be friends?"

Erika and Katie- PLL!

Maci- I thought this was about DWAB!!
by Annabananamonkeybutt February 03, 2014
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The name for a small amount of liquid or other substance. Most often used when referring to saliva.
ewww look that girl has massive lump of dwab on her chin
by Mithras84 June 21, 2008
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Slang for Don't worry about it. most often used in AIM, an instant messaging program used to keep friends in touch
Person 1: Man, i just failed my english test. My mom is gonna kill me!
Person 2: dude, dwab. its iight
by Cheesemonsta September 25, 2007
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