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What exactly this acronym stands for is unknown perhaps lost in culture through the centuries, however through its time it hasn't lost its meaning a DVM or the DVM is a group of teenagers commonly boys who are seen as cool by most other teenagers. The DVM would be the pinnacle of social status' and to be a DVM would be a great accolade. The DVM are rival to other teenage groups but hatred is not shown when groups encounter a DVM as being openly antagonistic with a DVM is social suicide .
teenager 1: look at the group of cool kids over there, they're absolute redhots
teenager 2: omg ye they look like a DVM!
Teenager 1: no way man! we better get out of here before they catch us staring
by Jonor cones May 27, 2015
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Dirty Virgin Minoli... A girl who goes out to play hard and she is single
... she is a horn dog... who is a virgin and acts all innocent... when she see;s the male species she grabs them... teases them and leaves them.... the guy tries to get rid of that V from the name DVM.... thats why she will be a DVM!!!

by Chundu Patel January 31, 2008
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OMG! I just went to my dvm, but he like, wouldnt give me anything but a 20!
by Facebookchick221 September 14, 2010
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An abbreviation for (don't vex me), often used in a conversation, when the other person is getting someone angry, or when there is someone speaking in a provocative manner, so "dvm" is used as a warning.
#1: Your babe is so disgusting

#2: Okay ....

#1: She's actually a hoe

#2: dvm, you're crossing the line here
by @a_l_inaa January 22, 2017
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