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An act requiring much planning and agility (and a little dick rubbing) the DVDADODS is double vagina, double anal, double oral, and double stoma penetration -eight dicks. The stoma, of course, being the shithole left after the colon is bypassed. It is accomplished ideally while the girl is in the reverse chandelier (or mandelier) in which she is held up completely by the 8 dicks rammed into her holes.
guy1 - Wow I thought she was going to wait at least 2 hours after she attacked the buffet before doing the DVDADODS.
guy2 - she should have but she wanted it to look like her stoma was cumming...fuck am i horny

so how did the date go?
oh really nice he introduced me to his 7 friends and before you know it, the had me DVDADODS.
by 123 fake boner February 15, 2010
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