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DUSC stands for Durham University Swimming Club - probably the world's greatest sports team. It is made up of so called 'swimmers', who are really just students who have a penchant for wearing lycra and getting semi-naked. They also like face paint, megaphones, exotic showering products and team food, especially when on a minibus. They don't like training as it involves getting wet, but occasionally they do muster the courage to go to a swimming pool, sometimes as early as 2 in the afternoon. Swimmers from DUSC love weighing themselves to find out who is the biggest beefcake, as well as the verbs dominate, dispatch and ruin.
VC Ben: Hey Sav, you're such a beefcake! Do you swim for DUSC?

Captain Sav: I know, check out my pec flexing! 186lbs of rippling muscle. Yes, I do swim for DUSC. Hold on a minute while I dispatch this weight with consummate ease.

VC Ben: Wow, you're dominating that set. Would you like some face paint?

Captain Sav: No. Let's go and ruin some exotic shower products right now. And maybe some team food on the minibus later.

VC Ben: Excellent Sav, let us go and dominate the showers.
by Captain Nick Savage October 30, 2005

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