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1. A state of euphoria when you can no longer think straight or act accordingly. to be used in phrases similar to "gellin"
chuck d: yo meng i'm pretty dupid how bout you?
bitch niggas: yea man we're pretty dupid too after that last L.
by CHUCK D September 24, 2004
16 17
Its a summed up word for the mixture of being dumb and stupid.
My DUPID anger management class pisses me off!
by J-Burbs August 28, 2007
34 14
A term which can be used in order to tease someone affectionately. Not used to insult with intent of extreme offense.

If one aims to mock another person's intelligence they would use this term. The word is a combination of the words 'dumb' and 'stupid'
Boyfriend: "I failed Math even though it was the easiest shit EVER."
Girlfriend: "you so dupid, haha... but me lovies yooh! *comforting hug*"

"Do bananas grow on trees?"
"Duhhhhhh *imitates retard* dupid!"
by Millyxx January 17, 2008
16 10
A mixture of stupid and dumb
That lil' roller coaster is so dupid.
by Davena May 04, 2009
5 4