Getting a DUI for riding a bicycle drunk.
Dude I totally rode my bike home wasted - I could've gotten a DUIcycle.
by nytrydr July 20, 2008
Top Definition
A slang term for a scooter/moped. The name originates from the fact that scooters and mopeds do not require a driver's license to operate and people who have a DUI (driving under the influence) can drive them.
Someone's on a DUIcycle on the freeway
by Bulk July 14, 2012
Alternative form of personal transportation - often a child's bicycle or scooter - which one has to use upon loss of his or her driver's license
As if the hangover was not bad enough, the chain broke on Ricky's DUIcycle halfway to work and he arrived at the machine shop twenty minutes late and soaked in beer sweat.
by The Working Dead December 09, 2013
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