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hot hip hop store and car accessory site
i got my dubs from dubs n up and a music dvd too!
by sean carter June 28, 2004
online hiphop store for cool stuff, and car stuff!!
i got a cool music dvd and 50cent shirt from dubs-n-up
by sean carter June 28, 2004
fun store to shop!!!!
bigger is better !!!!
cheaper is better!!!!
i only rock dubs-n-up shirts!!!!
by DUBS N UP June 26, 2004
cheap stuff,
hip hop stuff
mixed dvd
mixed cds
mixed music dvds
frankie krutches and flava entertainmment mixed dvds , 50cent and eminem merchandise
by curtis jackson June 30, 2004
hip hop merchandise and car stuff, www.dubs-n-up.com
i just got hooked up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by sean carter June 28, 2004