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The double text theory is defined as the act of another person texting you twice (or more) without you texting back, usually with a significant pause between texts (i.e. 5 minutes+). This Theory states that this action shows increased interest from a normal text-to-text conversation. The individual that receives the messages is most likely dominant in the conversation or relationship.
Girl: "Hey what's up?"
15 min later: "What are you doing?"
Boy: "nm u?"

Boy: "I can't wait to see that new movie with that thing! What are you doing friday?"
Hours later...
Boy: "So did you want to go with me to the movie?"
Girl: "New phone who diss?"

Usually if you act like a bitch and use the DTT (double text theory), you will be denied.
by CharlieDangerfield July 23, 2011

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