"Down To Game". The desire to game. Term used to reference online gaming. Generally used as a question. Derived from the brother acronym DTF (down to fuck).
Hey fag, I'm getting on Call of Duty in like 20 minutes. You DTG?

Nerd 1: "We need one more player for Team Deathmatch".
Nerd 2: Call xTommyNubz v2x.... That nocturnal overweight virgin is always DTG.
by houSTONER July 17, 2011
{acronym} for ......... Don't Tell {God}

To Keep A {Secret}
"DTG" Jim whispered to John under his breath.
"Don't worry, I won't." John whispered back.
by shouldaknownbetter November 15, 2006
Dick Tip Goo . . . precum . . . the little bit of goo that oozes out before ejaculation. Sometimes for no reason at all but from mild sexual excitement.
- My boyfriend gets DTG from just looking at a Playboy Magazine.
by moonstar73 October 08, 2006
acronym for... a DARN GOOD TIME
- I went out with Dick last night, what a DGT !

- Bob's parties are always DTG's.
by MoonStar73 November 16, 2006
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