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DTFO- Dabbed The Fuck Out, The conclusion of someone dabbing so much hash oil they pass out.
I tried to ask Josh what he wanted to eat, but he was DTFO on the couch.
by NWdaze March 20, 2014
DTFO- Dip The Fuck Out, the process of getting the hell out of somewhere.
When the cops showed up at the party, Bill and Don decided it would be a good time to DTFO
by bigtexas May 07, 2005
Dream the Fuck On
DTFO, same as Dream On but with strong intention.
Met Fan: The Mets are gonna win the World Series!
Yankee Fan: DTFO
by haloprime September 08, 2011
Boy one: Man, that bitch is so DTFO.
Boy two: I wanna be that object!
Boy one: . . .
by DramaLlama September 30, 2007

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