Top Definition
D - Dark
S - Skinned
W - White
G - Girls

1. A white girl who acts "black".
2. A black girl who acts "white".
3. A mixed girl who is black and white.

Originated from Murs' song "DSWG". From the Murs and 9th Wonder's album, "Murray's Revenge".
That's a fly DSWG right there.
by James Buchanan January 18, 2009
originated from the rap group Murs song DSWG.

D- Dark
S- Skinned
W- White
G- Girl

A DSWG is one of those white girls that is black by association. dances just as well a black girl and hangs with them too.shes just a little bit ghetto & dates only black guys.
Man i just wanna find a DSWG at the club tonight cuz these trick as hoes are drivin' me crazy.
by ohtooseriousimonit June 12, 2007

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