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short for Damn She Ugly, used for describing very ugly bitches.
Man that bitch ugly, "yeah she got that DSU".
by Matt Loftis December 06, 2006
DSU: Damn! she ugly.
A deformed kid passed by Rosy Odonnel and shouted DSU

the only thing i can say when i see her fat fuckin face is DSU.
by Austin Forty Duece February 29, 2008
Dumb Shit User aka a user who doesn't know what he or she doesn't know or someone that is so clueless that getting to work every day or wearing socks that match represent major accomplishments.
Someone earns DSU status by regularly producing gems like "Can you send me that email you've already sent me a gazillion times" or "what do you mean by is the power on"
by Go UW Huskies April 13, 2011
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