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Describes something either in the spirit of DSM or possibly describing a tuner.
If something is DSMolicious chances are it is an unconventional use of Car Parts, Metal, J-B Weld, and bolt ons.
A Girl Word!
Originationg from the pop word Fergalicious, see also Chettahlicious
"Dude the way u bolted your Ginourmous Intercooler to the front of your 2nd Gen Eclipse is DSMolicious!" - KLJ

"I find it funny you work at a SAAB dealership but your way of fixing cars is still DSMolicious" - KLJ

"Dude, you should wear your Coupler and O-Ring braclets to the races tonight!" - Steve-o
"Haha their so DSMolicious!" KLJ
by KLJ May 24, 2007
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