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A Mazda Miata that is so unreliable and blows up so often, it is called a DSMiata, in reference to DSM, or Diamond-Star Motors. More than likely in reference to a 7-bolt 4g63'd DSM with 28-psi and no extra added fuel, as well as the 2nd gear grind in every gear, the axles ready to fall out or starting to crack, the center diff hanging down, half the wheel lugs tightened down half ass, and the stereo busted and starting a fire. And there's probably a cracked turbo manifold and leaky head gasket on this said DSM that the DSMiata would be in reference too. Fucker.
Dude, that car was slow, now it doesn't move. Stupid DSMiata.
by miata December 19, 2006
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