Do Some Damage - If u r drunk, and think that u r the strongest creature in the world, and u r indestructible, u will funnily encourage your dudes to dance wildly, ignoring the other people :)
Show time, dudes! Let's DSD!
by dave81 November 20, 2006
Top Definition
Acronym for double-sided dildo.
"Those two girls got it on last night with a DSD. No man needed. HOTTT!"
by shanedillpickle October 15, 2007
Daily Struggle Disease
Girl 1: Kathleen are you ok?
Girl 2: Nah my DSD is in full affect today
by sydneys171 February 21, 2014
Deloitte Shut Down: When an intolerable and arrogant employee/ future employee of Deloitte incorrectly answers a question in class, and is subsequently shut down by the teacher and humilated to a point where they are forced to look down and refuse to answer any future answers. THat is DELOITTE SHUT DOWN BITCHES!!!!
Tax Class:

Bob (Deloitte Douchebag): Cant we make a sect 22 election in this case?

Prof: No! What kind of stupid comment is that?

Bob: I am sorry I work at Deloitte, I just presumed everything I say must be correct.

Prof: DSD
by PwC moron February 02, 2010
A notorious gang roaming the streets of Wisconsin. Officially known as the Douglas Street Duo.

An official warning was released in the Summer of 2011. It stated:

The United States Threat level has officially just been updated from Class Five Cluster Fuck to Threat Level Douglas! The following is a public broadcast aimed to let the American public know how to react.

Warning-Threat Level Douglas:

Take shelter immediately and lock up your daughters and girlfriends. Cods Johnson and the Majestic Pumpernickle are on the loose. If you are a hot woman travel with at least two ugly women as to draw away their attention. If you should find yourself face to face with the Douglas Street Duo DO NOT make eye contact, one look into their sexual tiger gaze and you will be making hashbrowns and bringing them ice water until they get bored and move on to their next victims. If you have any information as to the whereabouts of the Douglas Street Duo DO NOT call anyone because that will just piss them off and nobody wants that!
I thought I was a badass until I met the DSD. When I couldn't tell them where Douglas Street was they beat me up and forced my sister to perform sexual favors for them, and to cook them hash-browns served with ice water.
by Zigzilla October 18, 2011
done. shut down.
we're leaving. dsd.
by ocgrl February 26, 2010
Dope Smoker's Disease
Aw man I forgot, you can't blame me, I suffer from DSD.
by McBeilby July 22, 2009
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