DRER is a place for med express to dump stable pts. that are going to be transfered.Kinda of a band aid station in a way because the hospital is to cheap to buy anything worth a fuck.Some of the Dr. they have are quacks that make no fucking sense,there are how ever a few that rock the kind you would let fuck your sister that look up shit on here.The pt's. that are usually seen at the ER can vary from the normal chest pain and sob to the TNF'S and the seekers o the seeker.heres your fucking fix toradol it is for you.but most time is spent on here looking up funny shit like the space donkey ,where a certain Dr. comes up with with some of this shit i have no clue.
me and the Dr. looked up space donkey AT DRER and found a Bajing douch in the process.
by gordzilla November 29, 2006
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