Double Pussy Penetration. When a woman takes two cocks to the vagina.
Wow, that seen where Mr. Abraham and Mr. Barack stick their dicks in Hilary's pussy at the same time.. that dpp was amazing.
by pman1lk January 14, 2011
Top Definition
Double Pussy Penetration. When two men both have their dicks in one woman's pussy at the same time.
Jessica never felt as full as when she tried DPP with her boyfriend and his friend.
by Evel Kenevel May 26, 2007
This awesome bitch who has more than 10,000 followers on her Tumblr. She's always on Facebooking and blogging.
"I wonder if D-pps will follow back?"

"Keep dreaming, Melissa never follows back!"
by jamieryann September 23, 2011
1. Democratic Progressive Party, a political party in Taiwan
2. The abbreviation of "dumb pricks and pigs"
3. There is no difference between 1 and 2.
"Look that retard, he just peed on the street and ate his own poop, such a fucking DPP."
by FuckDPP May 23, 2016
double pussy penetration. seen in some porn where 2 guys put their cocks into a woman's pussy at the same time. presumably the guys must be gay too, as no straight man would have their dick touch another guy's dick.
damn that girl's pussy must be loose, she's not even screaming as she takes that dpp!
by whodey June 15, 2004
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