Pronounced "dop" or "D-O-P", reffers to a really fat woman. Litterally "Duchess of Pork"
Ewww, dude, check out that dop! She's makin' the earth move!
by Dragonbreathp9d July 13, 2006
1 Noun: a shit, crap, deuce, dump
2 Verb: To take a shit, crap, deuce, dump

Origin: Beijing, China
1: Yo, I gotta take a dop.
2: Doug's dopping right now, he'll be here in a few.
by varsityboge April 25, 2004
to lift a school skirt over someone's head and hold it there
i just dopped sarae today, she got so mad at me.
by kristennnnn December 11, 2007
Someone who is dopey
"Alright Dop lad"

"Doddy is such a Dop"
by Mark (Boz) from Southport April 26, 2005

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