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a dress top
Is that a top? No, its a dop
by fagty November 30, 2010
8 8
yes, yeah, for sure, absolutely, definately, okay,
Are you pumped for the weekend?
by C.Gregory May 27, 2009
11 12
An amazing counterstrike player that is recognized by many players as being good. Not a single player but a designation of a very exclusive and small group of players that are recognized by all as having super amazing skills. This player often "Aces" the entire other team and pulls of ninja bomb defusals.
Wow that guy total rolled our team.. What a Dop
by boxertm December 29, 2007
17 19
n. Chiefly British Slang
Stupid Person. One who works too little and lists headbutting under "hobbies".

Opposite of Spod.
By teacher:You stupid Dops, get out of my classroom!
by Tom January 31, 2005
2 4
An act of masturbation whilst having a shower.
Person 1: How was your shower?
Person 2: Awesome. I had a dop.
by dopper123 July 27, 2010
1 5
In politics DOP is the counter-part of GOP. This acronym stands for divisive old politics. Democratic Party's powerful, effective operation is carried out by dividing people as rich and poor, young and old or white and colored, and pretending to solve all problems of society while Republicans seem to say go make money and live your life.
DOP can push through any bill through House or Senate since it has sizable majority in both houses, and there is not much GOP can do about it.
by Drew Jackson July 19, 2009
3 7
Acronym for dick out of place. It's just not sittin' right know what I mean.
Breauxs I need to re-adjust, I've got some major DOP.
by johns321 December 20, 2009
4 9