Top Definition
"Don't open in Public / Do open in Private"
In regards to emails, sms, mms that others shouldn't see.
Subject: Furry Beaver (DOIP)
by Trashman_Nate March 11, 2009
A person lacking of the usual intelligence, a retard, a rude person, a silly-pants. A demeaning term for someone or something.
"Why did you eat that bar of Soap? You're such a doip."
by Lyrica January 13, 2007
1. "Noo Yawk" Derp
2. An indentured servant, usually one lacking intelligence
1. So I toid him, "Hoipty hoip doip".
2. Me doip fetched me magazine through a burning building, and was rewarded with a brief scratch behind the ear.
by Flarg-Boy July 24, 2011

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