Duke Nukem Forever. Usually used when stating the games constant delays
DNF is never coming out!
by sct February 09, 2005
Did Not Finish. An event for which the partcipant never finishes.
Although he started the 10k, quitting at the 6k mark meant his result was listed as a DNF.
by Hollyfeld June 18, 2004
Did Not Finish
a term used in sports events whereby the participant is unable to complete the event
damn, i just dnf'd the winter olympics

i just dnf'd
did not finish
by mamma gee February 09, 2009
Acronym in the sports world for "Did Not Finish". Ironically, however, the #1 Vaporware of all time, "Duke Nukem Forever" (known also as "Duke Nukem Taking Forever", ".. If Ever", ".. Whenever") coincidentally has the exact same acronym.

by TooCrooked October 02, 2005
Drunk N Faded
Man, I got DNF'd last night...
by ARSEN June 25, 2004
Abbreviation; Duke's Never Finished.
by Anonymous January 25, 2003
Geocaching abbreviation for "Did Not Find"
FACK! Third dnf in a row.
by Fackel August 19, 2009

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