dmp shorthand for digital music player which is commonly reffered to as an mp3 player, or an "iPod".

all the cool kids are using one!
dmp aka "mp3 players" suck because their memory cannot be upgraded, they play mp3 and wma and not ogg or other formats, they use id tags which is a pain in the ass to update, alot usedrm and the piece of shit ipod is running this bitch.

a cellphone is not a fucking digital music player!
by Appkey November 07, 2006
Top Definition
Descriptive acronym of a boring gentleman who is in a drinking establishment.

Dullest Man in Pub
"Hey, what's up with Alan? He's boring!"

"Yeah, he's like that all the time. He's DMP"
by Joe M Bloggs November 14, 2008
Dip My Pouches
"yo come DMP with me"
by Maddi Hrotko November 12, 2011
short for "Dropped My Phone"
cole: ad;lskfja
linden: ?
cole: sorry, dmp
linden: WTF? i cant find the meaning on urbandictionary
cole: dropped my phone, sorry
by hehehi March 27, 2011
Drug Manufacturing Plant
Military Term
by Diego November 14, 2003
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