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A Dark Magician I'd Like to F**k.

A term used in LittleKuriboh's Yugioh Abridged Episode 49 when Crump referred to the Dark Magician Girl as a DMILF.
Téa: I summon the Dark Magician Girl!
Crump: Now that's what I call a DMILF.
Crump: A dark magician I'd like to fu-.
Téa: Eww, gross. What is wrong with you?
by lastray September 19, 2010
Is just like a "MILF”, except it refers to A Divorced Woman.
The mother of one of my grade school children is a true DMILF. I often see her in my dreams...
by Panchoman Jr. June 01, 2007
dark magician id like to f***
guy 1 : i summon dark magician girl!

guy 2:now thats what i call a d-milf
by teh munaky September 19, 2010

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