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Doesn't Mean A Thing. This is to confuse people who use too many acronyms when talking online. Can be used at anytime!
Your Mom died. I am sorry, that is so DMAT!

Ha Ha! your so funny! DMAT!
by Djon27 July 24, 2008

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An abbreviation of "Dr. Manhattan" from the comic book and movie "Watchmen". A reference to the character always displaying his dick irl, the act of whipping out your cock forcing upon others to look.

Bro! I just got D-MATed by some brah in Kappa Omega Phi!

Dude last week, I just D-MATed it right in front of Lindsay, and she sucked me off.

{Upon being D-MATed] AH DUDE! D-MAT!!
by JATurday March 20, 2009