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1. A sexual reference

2. Also in "The Office" meaning "Dunder Mifflin does Gettysburg"
Jim Halbert: "I've been wearing this very pink hat all day (that says DM does GB), and I've been getting weird looks because I'm pretty sure it's a sexual reference."
by CCG15 November 17, 2011
396 215
Orig. from The Office. (Dunder Mifflin does Gettysburg)

Dank MILF does goochie bitch LOLz
"the other day this dm does gb, and it was totally raddd!!!!!!
by bcarpenter20 November 17, 2011
162 247
Dunder Mifflin does Gettysburg
Guy1: They should just cancel The Office!
Guy 2: Yeah totally! I mean DM does GB was the worst idea ever.
Guy1: even worse than Ryan's origami store idea
Guy 2: Yeah way worse
by theurbanity November 18, 2011
93 409