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A Canadian youtuber featuring videos of his sculptures, pictures, and B to C grade mashups of songs each week. His appearance consists of a pair of sunglasses, a black fedora, and random t-shirts and sometimes a jacket. While the vlog parts of his shows consist of next to nothing as he talks in front of a different setting each week, he does show potential with his creativity artistically, excluding music, of course. He also is well-known for his support for his friends and subscriptions, and is a bit of an annotation addict. Overall, great to watch when it's a rainy day and your ipod died. And the TV and radio. And the rest of the internet is censored.
Bob: Man, I was so bored last night on youtube.
Joe: What did you do?
Bob: Well, I couldn't be bothered to get off my chair, so I just watched DJGreenscreen to kill time.
Bob: And?
Joe: It was great! I clicked the tags and found so many great channels! My evening was saved!
Bob: Dude, only pedophiles say 'evening'. We're done being friends.
by Ichigo555567 March 27, 2011
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