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The best producer in hiphop history
"Primo is dope, dontcha think?"
by Paul J December 19, 2003
The best DJ to ever grace the surface of the earth.

See: genius
Premier has worked with Rakim, Ras Kass, Jeru the Damaja, Common, Guru, KRS-One, and Biggie, among others.
by Stylus February 22, 2005
also known as Primo, this is the best DJ behind the boards ever. makes rough ass in your face style beats, better than most producers out now. can you believe theres people that never heard of him though?
Some good primo beats are:
N.Y. State of Mind- Nas
Boom- Royce Da 5'9"
The Sixth Sense- Common
by Adept April 02, 2005
The first time a hipster attempts to sequence pre-recorded music or sound effects in front of a live audience.
Damn! After that fity cent movie, I had to sit through about fifteen DJ Premier's!
by Bad Ephemeris December 08, 2005
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