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Half Asian/Nordic guy that has much potential in the music world. His sound is freash and excitin. Categorically one of the best DJ's out there today. WATCH OUT DANGER MOUSE!!!

Plus he ate all the chicken in my frig, bastard.
DJ Ubertrash will change your thinking of hip-hop, rap, and techo

All the babie mamas have a thing for the Ubertrash

DJ ubertrash loves the BBQ, fo reals
by Playerhater5000 April 30, 2004
Right handman to 2tall. Lays mad tracks. One of the most stylish and metro DJ's on the scean today. Sound is a mix of funk, euro, hip hop, indie, and porno music. Loves sipping on bub in the club with Bones and others from cp records.
Dj Ubertrash is ripping up the clubs with his phaty beats

Who is that spinning, could it be DJ Ubertrash?
by Ctfizzle April 25, 2004

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