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1.Usually used as J-Dirtay, refering to an extreamly strong joint
2. Laced weed
I got a J-Dirtay, lets smoke that shit!

That weed was dirtay.
by J-DIRTAY April 04, 2006
a term used to express extreme gratification or appreciation.
1) DAYUM!!!!Your ride is so sick its DIRTAY!

2) Thank you baby. That rock on my finger be DIRTAY!
by RESA-FU October 06, 2004
1. The act or representation of a person being sexually promiscuous
2. Ali Garapy
The girl is so Dirtay!
by Yup September 21, 2003
Being or acting Mexican;
The measure of one's Mexican-ness
You're such a dirtay you make me feel dirty just looking at you.
by Andy Fulton December 05, 2003